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French Brothers Landscaping is owned and operated by brothers, Sean and Scott French.  We started the company in 2010 and with a lot of hard work and some good luck we have been able to continue into our 4th year.  Take a look at our Before and After pictures in our Photo Gallery to see some of the work we have done.  Please don't hesitate to call or email if you have any questions.  We serve the Greater Cincinnati Area for all of your Mulching and Landscaping needs, for both Residential and Commercial clients.

Why Should You Mulch?

Besides helping your landscape stay beautiful, Mulch in Cincinnati helps hold moisture in the soil for your plants and trees to thrive. It acts as an insulator keeping your soil warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Mulch also suffocates weeds to help keep the number of weeds down.

Why Should You Mulch with French Brothers Landscaping?

We have been spreading Mulch in the Greater Cincinnati Area going on four years now, you may think 4 years is not a lot of time, but we have spread over 2000 yards of mulch in this time.  We have committed ourselves to mulch, buying equipment the other guys don't have.  We own a bed edging machine, we have taken the labor out of edging the beds to give a more consistent edge from start to finish.  We purchased a large truck that is specifically designed for mulch, the other guys shovel mulch out of the back of a flat bed trailer, we can run circles around the competition with our experience and equipment. Some guys charge $100 per yard just to spread Mulch, you'll find you will save money and time by choosing the Mulch Experts at French Brothers Landscaping. So whether you are looking for someone to install Mulch for you, or have Bulk Mulch delivered, call us.
French Brothers Mulch Truck

Do You Like Entertaining in your Backyard?

French Brothers Landscaping Sells and Installs Outdoor Fire Pits and Fireplaces.  Looking for a great Landscaping DIY project, we can sell you the kit to install it yourself.  Be the envy of your friends and family with one of these additions in your backyard.

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