Autumn Leaves Falling

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Leaf Removal


Two brothers out to make a difference in your neighborhood. We have aimed to become a full service landscaping company so home owners like yourself had one number to call all year long. Whether the call was to cut the lawn, cut down a tree, mulch the beds, plow the driveway, install a new patio, or get rid of all of the leaves. We are here to serve you and keep your landscaping in top shape.


Our crews are armed with powerful commercial backpack blowers to push the leaves where we want them to go. Rakes and tarps are at the ready when needed to move large piles to the curb. That’s when the big guns come in, we have a massive 22 HP leaf vacuum used to suck up the leaves from the curb, which mulches the leaves as they get blown into our 22 cubic yard enclosed dump trailer.


We have the man power, equipment, and know how to get the job down right. Call us 513.201.7352


The leaves are FALLING!


The leaves are falling in Greater Cincinnati. Not only are the leaves an eyesore, they are dangerous as well.  Wet leaves can be more slippery than ice in the winter.  Pick them up before someone you love gets hurt. Call the Cincinnati Leaf Removal Team, French Brothers Landscaping to have your leaves picked up.



Still Bagging those leaves?


Why buy those expensive bags and spend hours filling them? Just call us and we can haul them away for you. Pile them by the curb and we’ll do the rest.


No time to rake? No Problem, we can complete a Full Lawn Cleanup for you.  Which can include, trimming your bushes, plants and grasses. Blowing the leaves out of the flower beds, porch, driveway and lawn into piles and hauling them away.


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Leaf Removal/Fall Clean-up Pricing


Labor $50.00 per Man Hour

*Blow all leaves off the lawn and out of the beds,

*Tarp the leaves and drag to the rear of the property, OR

*Drag the tarps to our Truck Mounted Leaf Vacuum (no extra charge)


Leaf Vacuum only $100.00

*Service for those who chose to move their leaves to the curb ,

*Our Truck Mounted Leaf Vacuum pulls all leaves and debris in,

*We haul-away all of the leaves and take to the dump.

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